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Otto Spoerri is a doctor who is passionate about what he does. This professor of neurosurgery, retired, was born in Switzerland then went to Honduras, Tegucigalpa where he founded. School of Medicine at the Hospital.

The history of what is today the best laboratory microsurgery of Central America began in 1999, when Spoerri, professor of neurosurgery, withdrew from the University of Goettinhen, Germany, arrived in Honduras, where he discovered a critical situation in major centers throughout the country.

In 2000 he returned to Honduras with a project already in the hand that came true on the basis not only of hard work, but of passion and dreams that gradually have become a reality. This doctor, which is now 74 years old, was elected permanent representative of the Foundation for International Education in Neurosurgery (FIENS) in Honduras, where it was installed in 2000 the lab Microsurgery that works at the hospital school and is now considered a pilot project only in the Central American region.

On March 28, when met six years of being in the country, Spoerri opened the lab to the press, with major exhibitions.

Andrea Marcela Rojas Correa
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School: Medicine
28 de Marzo del 2008
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