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The African elephant is the biggest terrestrial animal of the planet. While the males measure near 3 meters at a height of the shoulder, and weigh of 5 thousand to 6 thousand kilograms, the females measure near 2.5 meters at a height of the shoulder and weigh among three thousand and three thousand 500 kilograms.

So much to the males like the females there grow fangs. The fangs grow across the whole life of the animal and therefore they are longer in the old animals. The elephants use his fangs to gather the food and to transport them, and also as weapon.

His horn uses to smell, to eat, to communicate, to manipulate objects, to bathe and to be drunk (though these do not drink across his horns they suck the water and spray it inside it mouths).

Historically the African elephants were living the areas of the south of the Sahara, in spite of the fact that nowadays they are restricted to the forests, mounts and parks and reserves due to the human invasion and the agricultural expansion. They live in matriarchal migratory complex herds from eight to ten and fifteen related animals led by a dominant female.

NAME: Andrea Villamizar Ruiz
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