martes, 8 de abril de 2008


Jorge Camacho was born in Bogota on Tuesday, the 16th of January, 1906. He entered to San Bartolomé's Major College. He graduated of high school in 1925. He entered to the Faculty of Medicine of the National University, it was the educational only one in Bogota where medicine was showed in that epoch.

He graduates in 1934, with a thesis called: "Annotations on the chemistry of the nourishment, acid cheesy milk and the nourishing condition of the breast-fed baby in Bogota". His practice of post-degree initiated it in the Hospital de la Misericordia. There he remained three years, first as external medical student teacher and then internally.

In this epoch the activity that more he it rewarded, his educational pediatric career. He begins as chief of clinic and he acceded as teacher of pediatrics of the Faculty of Medicine of the National University. In the latter years he was a teacher of the same chair in the School of Medicine Juan N. Corpas. In 1942 he founded the Colombian Magazine of Pediatrics and Puericulture. In the decade of the 50s he creates and provides in the Hospital San Jose in Bogota, with help of numerous generous benefactors. Being in Paris he knew the studies on Toxoplasmosis, this research was worth the revenue him to the National Academy of Medicine. he got out of a jam itself with notable success as president of the Medical Colombian Federation.


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