jueves, 17 de abril de 2008

Extinct Animals Of Africa

The chimpanzee lives in Africa. The chimpanzees principally eat: Ants, thermites and fruit. Also they eat leaves and bark.

This animal demonstrates preference to the rainy jungles, the mountainous forests. The author mentions that they are kept in groups or communities and it is possible that several individuals work together to do a common nest. The chimpanzee has the body covered by smooth hair generally of black deep color. They is in numerous groups only when they have desire of playing. The chimpanzees do not have fixed housing.The chimpanzees are a species in extinction and many people and many people take care of them.

The females usually only have one only son in every pregnancy. The period of gestation takes approximately 230 days. The females achieve the maturity at the age of 8, the males at the age of 10.

Laura Valencia
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School: Medicine
Date: 17/04/08

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Liliana dijo...

Sorry, chimpanzees are not extinct!