jueves, 14 de febrero de 2008

Personal Profile

My name is Andrea Rojas; I was born on the first of October first of 1986 in Bogotá Colombia, I live with my mom and dad, I have two brothers named Dario and Giovanni and also a nephew named Santiago, he is two years old. My house has three bedrooms but there is only one private bathroom and there is a studio. There isn’t a garden but the top floor has a private terrace.

I live in the capital of Colombia, which is a very interesting country, with lots of things to see. I live in Bogotá, in the center. Bogotá is also a big city with lots of shops and beautiful museums. Cartagena, Santa Marta, Barranquilla and Gujira are in the north of the country and there are some very nice beaches. There are volcanos and snow-coverd mountains in the center and in the east there is livestock farming and agriculture. We have also jungles and forests in the south.

I go to the University of La Sabana in Chía where I study medicine because I like to help people. The things I don’t like are waking up early and eat vegetables and go out when it’s raining.
I like goto movies and out to eat with my boyfriend Randy, he is twenty-five years old and he is from the United States but lives here in Colombia with his dad, we have been together for three years and eleven months.

Written by: Andrea Marcela Rojas Correa.

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