jueves, 14 de febrero de 2008

Alternative medicine in Africa and Colombia

Complementary medicine in Colombia and Africa began because of the need to meet the needs of people who could not be treated in health centers.

In Africa people think that, for instance diabetes is not a disease, they think that it is their
fault for a debt for something no paid or that they did something wrong to someone else and that’s why they get sick. In Africa it is believed that the absence of a cure for this disease is normal

In Africa women can take care of their skin and hair thanks to almond tree of Karité, provides a lard which, when applied on the face returns elasticity to the skin, as well as hydrate the layers most exposed in there hair. The lard can be applied as "bath cream." By itself restores in the deep capillary structure, giving brightness, smoothness and volume. It also protects the epidermis, is an excellent barrier against cold, wind and dryness.
The epidermis which is close to the nose irritated by allergies and colds can be treated with Karité Butter.

In Colombia this science sought to integrate all other since traditional medicine to allopathic introducing acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy, flower therapy, among others, with the end of giving a better life using the different methods that the Indian tribes in Colombia used with there herbs for example “el Toronjil” that is used to lower the nerves like the water of mazanilla.

Written by: Andrea Marcela Rojas Correa

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