jueves, 14 de febrero de 2008

AFRICA: Alternative Medicine

The traditional medicines herbal are assuming a important role in the primary care of the health of individuals and communities.

It is difficult to separate the African medicine of the African religion. The traditional healers use scientific knowledge, in addition scientific medicines are obtained principally of the plants.


Orunmila's educations the People Yoruba centre on the prophecy, the prayer(sentence), the dance, symbolic gestures, the personal and community overcoming, the spiritual baths, the meditation.

The work of the Oloogun (healer) is to help the patient to overcome the opposite forces that break his health. To fight in favour of the overcoming and purification of the nature humanizes, they are seen constant in fight by the devilish beings, destructive forces of the nature that try to destroy the human being.

Obatala: Skullcap, Salvia, Nut, albahaca, Hyssop, vervain, White willow, valerian.

All the herbs

Oshun: Burdock, Cinnamon, damiana, Anise, Raspberry, chamomile, Lotus, buchu, Myrrh, Echinacea. The Oloogun (doctor) who practices the Yoruba medicine, besides analyzing the symptoms of the patient, looks for the emotional and spiritual reasons of the disease to appease the negative forces.

Laura Valencia
Group 10

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