lunes, 2 de junio de 2008

Fundación Fórmula Sonrisa

Fundación Fórmula Sonrisa

Fundación Fórmula Sonrisa is an organization created in the United States with status 501 c3 for the Colombian pilot Juan Pablo Montoya and his wife Connie Freydell in the year 2003, in order to improve, across the sport, the quality of life of the Colombian children in vulnerable situations.

The foundation focuses all his efforts in the sport with the intention of complementing the basic education to which they have the right to provide a more complete formation and a more promising future. Across the practice of the sports the learning is reinforced in the academic classrooms, they are motivated so that they are still educated and one teaches them to use his free time in healthy activities, removing them from the streets where they find drugs and violence.

The Fundación Fórmula Sonrisa improves the life of the neediest Colombian children and its environment, resting on strategic alliances and implementing a program that values sports and the recreation.

To generate a social impact across:



Andrea Marcela Rojas Correa
Code: 200620857
Group: 10

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