jueves, 29 de mayo de 2008


Paul Hewson or better known by his stage name like Bond, is the vocalista and leader of the band of U2 rock. Also it is recognized in the world to become jumbled actively in social aids, and this work has recognized name Bond several times to the Nobel Peace Prize.

Bond was born the 10 of May of 1960, in the city of capital Dublín of Ireland. Bond attended the ecumenical school of Mount Temple Comprehesive in where it knew his companions of band. In 1976 Larry Mullen Jr, schoolmate of Bond, looked for people to form a rock band; Bond was united to the band along with other schoolmates and was born U2.

As far as the social Bond work, From 1999 one has become jumbled more and more in campaigns in favor of the condonación of the external debt of the third world. In May of 2002, it guided the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States Paul O'Neill in tour through four African countries. That same year, Bond founded a called organization DATA, whose objective is to alert on the impagables debts that it maintains the continent, the uncontrolled transmission of AIDS, and the unjust rules of commerce that damage their impoverished citizens. Bond has received numerous recognitions at world-wide level within which they emphasize his consecutive nominations to the Nobel Peace Prize , the election on the part of the Time magazine like the man of the year in 2005, among other prizes.

The great social Bond work demonstrates good intentions q must to improve the world and to help to less the most needed. With this work it demonstrates that not only it is a great star of rock, if not that also becomes aware great social.

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